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I'm Emily Carewe - an executive director, creative producer, facilitator and artist who has worked in theatre for over 10 years with companies such as Fio, 45North, Clean Break, LAMDA, Sony, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and more.

I am currently the Executive Director at Theatre503, and you can learn more about our work here - 

I have a keen interest in working on projects and with organisations that centre social justice, outreach and empowerment. I enjoy bringing my broad range of both creative and practical experience to whatever role I play within a project! 

To know a little more about what I do, take a look around. 

If you'd like to work together - reach out!

"Efficient, savvy and such a pleasure to work with, Emily did a brilliant job producing TYPICAL GIRLS. She is thorough, detailed, and very caring."  

Róisín McBrinn, Director - Typical Girls

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